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You’ve tried everything…


Time Out.


Giving choices or rewards.


Taking away screen time.




They all seem like great ideas, but they don’t work for your child.


And nothing changes…


The yelling. The tears. The tantrums. The dreaded calls from school.


The anger at your child for their behavior and at yourself for not knowing how to get them under control. The anger your child has for seemingly no good reason…


The worry that if you don’t get a handle on things now, it’ll only get worse.


It just doesn’t stop. It seems like it’s with you 24 hours a day.


Where’s the relief?


Where’s the peace?


Exhausted, because a breakthrough hasn’t come yet.


Embarrassed, because everyone else’s child seems to know how to act.


Praying, but still stressed out. Maybe even resentful if you’re honest.


You just want relief, and it doesn’t seem to find you. You’re at the end of your rope…


There are solutions. Relief is here.


316 Parenting is a place for you to come so I can listen to your story and support you.


There are healthy ways to relieve your stress and make changes that will make a real difference for you and your family. I have been successfully implementing them for over 25 years.


You can give your kid a great parent. I can help.


Hi, I’m Dr. Becki Welsh.


I love making connections with children.


I love creating bonds with parents to work through old parenting patterns and offer new insights to help their children heal and grow.


I am passionate to partner with you, the parent, as I ask each week, “How was your week?” and we talk through how we can make next week even better.


What if there really is someone…


… someone who understands and can help? Call me and find out for yourself. Why spend another moment using strategies and ideas that don’t work.


Experience true peace in your home.


Call today to schedule your appointment: (469) 631-0369.

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Counseling Testimonials


Becki is an amazing, caring, and problem solving professional. We took our son there for over 2 years of play therapy and most recently I used some coaching services. She is very good at working with kids with ADHD. My son was able to really open up to her and she was able to get him to communicate his frustrations and things that were bothering him. I also attended one of her classes "Parenting Kids with ADHD." The class gave a lot of pointers to try. I 100% recommend Becki and the services she provides. - Ryan H., Colorado


My 5-year-old granddaughter has been seeing Dr. Becki for several months.  Having had a lot of experience with counselors throughout the years, I can honestly say that my experience with Dr. Becki has been one of the most positive experiences I have ever had.  Dr. Becki is such a kind and compassionate person.  She really took the time to get to know us and she genuinely cares about our situation.

Her therapy room has become my granddaughter’s “safe place” to play out her feelings.  Therapy has been very beneficial, helping her behavior both at home and at school.  Another bonus is that Dr. Becki has a wealth of parenting knowledge and wisdom to share in our after-sessions.  It has helped me tremendously, not only in my parenting life but in my personal life as well. All in all, I highly recommend her services! - Carol T., Colorado





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