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"You have been a wonderful resource for me as a parent and I am ever grateful for what you have done for our family.", Kelley, Colorado


What is Parent Coaching?

Coaching is allowing you to uncover and use your personality, strengths, and gifts to enrich every aspect of your life.


Coaching is about the present and the future; guiding you through strategies and accountability to make your unique vision a reality.


Coaching is partnering with you in such a way that you find your calling from God's perspective and the purpose He has for you. 


Coaching is strengthening you in a way that you overcome obstacles that could keep you from your fullest life.


When you do the work and experience these four aspects of coaching, there is a transformation that takes place like nothing else. When this process is combined with one-of-a-kind training found nowhere else but 316 Parenting, the results are powerful. Parents like you are being changed. Parents like you are being empowered. Parents like you are feeling less stressed and more confident. Parents like you are finally giving kids the great parents they deserve.


Coaching is you becoming the best parent you can be. 


How long does coaching take?

I have several different coaching packages available to meet your needs. You can choose from 3 to 9 sessions (one to three months) and can include my (coming soon!) brand new parenting video series! Each session is up to 60 minutes. 


Are there other options for coaching?


Yes! I now offer parent group coaching! One group will be face to face in the north Dallas area and another group for parents of all ages online from all over! These groups are a unique combination of training and a lot of coaching and support and accountability! 


Do I have to come to your office?

No, you don't! We can talk on the phone or by video as well!



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Coaching can change your life. There is something about it that strengthens, empowers, and challenges someone like nothing else. If you are ready for some change in your life and want to enhance your parenting, contact me now. 

My Coaching Guarantee:

Combine any training and coaching service for one month. Put the tools and strategies you learn to use over that month, consistently and as agreed. If after 30 days you do not see any positive changes in you or your child, I will give you your money back. 

Coaching Testimonials

Becki is an amazing coach. Her wisdom, passion, and kindness was just what my heart and mind needed this year. As a mother struggling through the trenches of parenthood, Becki inspired new outlooks and strategies that will stick with me for a lifetime! I would highly recommend her to anyone in need of support, encouragement and guidance....she’s the full package. - Amanda B., Oklahoma



I cannot say how truly thankful I am to have been coached by Becki!  She is an amazing listener!! Becki is easy to talk to and in every conversation, I felt like she was engaged and completely tuned in to what I was saying.  The questions she asked helped me gain clarity and challenged me to move toward my goals. She always gave me great feedback and helped keep me accountable.  I learned so much about myself by working with her.  Becki is an incredible coach.  Do yourself a favor and call her today!  - Nichole C, Hawaii


I wanted to thank you for everything you have done for our family. You truly have changed our lives. You have helped us understand our son, be better advocates for him and also better parents to him and his sister. I can’t imagine  where we would be without you. Thank you so much. And thank you for always listening to my concerns, worries, and stresses. It was always reassuring to me to receive your acknowledgment. This parenting thing is hard!! 

Thank you for your kindness and patience. - Megan H., Colorado