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Mar 13, 2018

What's Your Question?



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What are you struggling with right now as a parent? What do you wish you had a great tip for?

I'll get started: I just had someone say there are lots of you out there who have kids who are complaining about school and not wanting to go - even young children.

If there is a sudden change in a child's behavior, more often than not there is a reason. Finding out what that reason is can be the tricky part. When children love something (school, soccer, dance, etc...) at first, but then all of a sudden they are complaining and don't want to go, the first thing to do is be an investigator. What changed in that scenario? New teacher? Kids? Different class at school? See if you can think back to any change or ask around if any other parents, or the teacher are noticing the same thing. It could be your child was teased, or they realize they aren't as good as everyone else on the team. Maybe they got put in a different reading group and they don't like it. There are so many reasons why. So start by being an investigator and ask what's changed.

Next, be observant. Maybe you can go observe at school - during recess, lunch, class time to see if you can spot the problem.

Lastly, listen to the behavior. Children communicate by their behavior so try to monitor what your child is telling you through his/her behavior. Don't try to fix the problem at this point, try to listen to what your child thinks the problem is. When he is acting out, ask yourself, "what is he trying to tell me?" Validate that feeling and then see what he says next. In other words, he's screaming he won't go to school today; you can CALMLY say, "looks like you're really angry about going to school today - what is it about school that makes you so angry?"

Please know: this won't work with every child, but it is a good place to start.


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